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  • Punch! Sanitizer multipack


    Punch Sanitizer multipack

    Combo includes: 1x100ml Punch Sanitizer spray; 1x200ml Punch Sanitizer with pump; 3L Punch Sanitizer disinfectant.

    Punch Sanitizer is an effective disinfectant for skin and surfaces. Effectual at destroying bacteria, yeasts,
    mould and viruses. Colorant and odorant free. For professional and private use.

    How to use: Spray 3 ml of disinfectant on washed and dried hands, spread by rubbing palms together. To
    disinfect surfaces, spray or pour on previously cleaned surface. Action time 30 seconds. Do not dilute.

    Ingredients: Ethanol 75% (v/v) (active ingredient), glycerol.

    Warnings and precautions: Strongly irritant to eyes, highly flammable liquid and fumes. Keep away from sources of heat, hot surfaces, sparks, flames and other sources of ignition. Do not smoke. Keep package tightly sealed. Store in a well ventilated place.

    IN CASE OF EYE EXPOSURE: carefully rinse with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if these are worn and easily removed. Rinse again.

    Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, protected from sun and sealed.

    Appearance and smell: A transparent and colourless liquid. Smells like ethanol.

    Product safety card is available here

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