Our story

Our mission

Our mission is to discover exciting tastes, test new concepts and contribute to a world where hedonism can also be healthy.

We care what we eat and drink and hope that you do too. In our products we only use the best organic components whilst aiming to minimise our environmental footprint when ever we can. Our beverages are created for mindful hedonists, who love exciting flavours and appreciate the fact that drinks can be made organically, whitout excessive sugar and artificial flavourings.


Most of our drinks have been developed in cooperation with professional bartenders and have been tasted by thousands of mindful and hedonistic people around the world. Crazy botanical infusions, made with minimal sugar and always with a story to tell about each recipe. We make our own original cocktails as well as privately labeled classics for special bars and events. You will also find a range of healthy and oraganic soft drinks and lemonades in our Soft Punch! range. Check out our website and put together a box of different tastes to your own liking. So how it’s made?

Step I

We carefully select out the rather eccentric botanics. We especially like the ones which we haven’t heard before or which we can’t pronounce properly.

Step II

We start the infusing process by heating the botanics in a high pressure tank. At the same time we start chanting different spells and incantations. Occasionally we also might pull some rabbits from the hat – never know

Step III

At the end of the infusing process the product will have strong aroma and natural flavour together with the natural nutrients. Mastering the infusion process allows us to stay far away from artificial flavouring, food colouring and all the other excessive and non-natural processes.